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AG01 - Full DVD

AG01 - Full DVD

Availability: Instant Download

All Scenes from the DVD in a High Quality MP4 file that is ready for 

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Burn your own high quality DVD from this file too!! No DRM here. Series: American Gokkun 1

Starring: Leah Luv, Amber Rayne

Size: 2.4 Gig (Huge High Quality File)

Download Info: MP4 File (High Bitrate)

The word "gokkun" is an onomatopoeia, which translates into English as "gulp" -- i.e., the sound one makes swallowing. Whereas bukkake titles predominantly involve men ejaculating on a woman's face, gokkun titles predominantly involve men ejaculating into a woman's mouth. It is not uncommon, in a single movie, for a gokkun actress to swallow more than a fifty cum shots.

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There is no DRM on this file, you download it, keep it and play it as much as you want in the restrictions at all !! This movie file is high enough quality to burn your own DVD !!

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