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American Bukkake 18 - Full DVD

American Bukkake 18 - Full DVD

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All Scenes from the DVD in a High Quality MP4 file that is 

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Starring: McKala Sky, Aimee Tyler

Size: 1.6 Gig (Huge File)

Download Info: MP4 File (High Bitrate)

You may think you've seen American Bukkake before,but you've never seen anything like the cum bib.Thick chunks of gooey DNA drip on messy faces and pool up in our patented catch-all cum bib,insuring that not a drop of semen goes to waste.Then,of course,our 2 mil. polyurethane cum straw is used to slurp up the slimy mess.Yum!Also included is the Frat Party Bukkake.Girl goes to frat party..Girl falls asleep..Guys notice her laying on couch..And the fun begins.Enjoy, Jeff Steward

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